3 Great Salads After a Workout

Okay, I’ll admit it, I am a nut for salads. Why? Because they are refreshing to me like drinking a glass of water in the summer heat after a long yoga session. There nothing quite like a mixture of great taste, colors, and freshness, something only salads provide. Great, now I’m hungry again!

After a good workout, you should always have a good meal – not before, mind you. Salads are great for intermittent fasting like eat stop eat and other programs. Here are some of my favorite salads these days for that occasion. Tip: Stay away from fatty dressings and keep your creations clean and lean, like these.

Yoga Burn Exercises for Back Pain

Regardless how active or inactive you are, back pain will surface at some point in your life. Second to the cold, it’s the most common health related issue we all face. The solution is not to reach for the painkillers in the medicine cabinet, but to take a proactive approach to work with your back, improve spinal alignment through body posture.

You’re about to learn just three yoga exercises to do that without leaving your chair.

1. The Lateral Stretch

You’re already familiar with this one. After a good nights rest, you rise out of bed and take a big long stretch. Arms raised to the ceiling, straightening your back.

For some reason, that first stretch of the day has a great energizing feel to it. You can capitalize on that feeling any time you’re feeling the tension build in your lower back region. All you do is bring yourself to the edge of your seat, and straighten your back.

Inhale through your nose, bring your arms out in a wide stretch, raising them up so that the end position is both hands outstretched above your head. Hold that yoga position for a few breaths, and lower your arms back down.

By the way: Back pain is often a symptom of too much weight, so it is important to lose some of that and get a leaner figure. Not only is that something everybody should want do achieve, but the benefits to your back are tremendous. Find great healthy recipes on sites like bbcfood, or and learn about the intermittent fasting method taught in the eat stop eat program.

But let’s get back to our yoga exercises!

2. The Cat-Cow Pose

The simplest way to remember this one is to

a) Inhale and arch your spine

b) Exhale and round your spine

As you inhale and arch your spine, stretch your neck towards the ceiling. As you exhale, round your spine and lower your neck, so your nose is pointing toward your chest. Do not try it if you’ve got chronic pain or any neck injury.

3. The Seated Twist

For a quick five-minute twist, this one works miraculously. It works best if you have sidearms on your chair, so it’s perfect as an armchair yoga exercise.

Sitting with your back straight, take one hand and place on your opposite knee, with your furthermore on the back of the chair to the same side your other hand placed. From that side position, gently move your neck so that you’re looking over your shoulder. You’ll feel the stretch on your neck and lower back, but the instant you feel it too much, don’t force your neck around any further. You should feel a comfortable stretch and nothing painful.

Proceed only as far as what feels great to you.

Practicing those three exercises just twice a week will:

  • Increase spinal flexibility
  • Strengthen your upper and lower back
  • Tone and stretch your abdominal muscles
  • Improve your circulation
  • Reduce back, neck and shoulder tension

Yoga is one of many natural exercises for back pain as all the movements you carry out stretch the muscles and therefore take away all tension. The stronger you can get the muscles around the spine and core the better it will be and the less likely that there will be more pain. Many people find that if they do this, they do not need to take medication and also do not have to resort to hot or cold compresses.